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Insulation Services for Builders/Developers

With today’s building requirements and regulations there can be a wide range of insulation specifications coming through from the architects. 

We can help with all your insulation requirements and source a wide variety of insulation products.

We cover all of Greater Auckland and further afield when required.

What We Can Do For You

  • We can cover all of your ceilings, wall and underfloor requirements.
  • We have a wide variety of Sound Proofing products for Internal Walls and Mid Floors.
  • We have a variety of Fire Proofing products used for Inter-tenancy Walls and Fire Wall requirements. 
  • We can extract older blown-in type of insulation from existing ceilings before you need to work around it.

Product Range

We source and install a wide variety of insulation types: 

Brand  Material Application, Specifications
Pink Batt Fibre Glass Thermal, Acoustic, Fire Rated
Autex Greenstuff Polyester Thermal, Acoustic
Knauf Earthwool Fibre Glass Thermal, Acoustic, Fire Rated
Expol Polystyrene Thermal
Kingspan Kooltherm Polystyrene Thermal
James Hardie Mineral Fibre Rock Fibre Thermal, Fire Rated

We are also able to source any other product you require.

We are able to get any blanket insulation laminated in a range of products i.e. White Faced Foil or any other foils as required.


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We are the experts in insulation so can help you with all your insulation requirements. 

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